Our Industry

NACC believes in environmentally responsible air travel, with its members investing heavily in reducing their environmental impact.



Our airlines contribute an incredible amount to our country and our economy.

The total jetonomics footprint is over 35 billion dollars per year providing economic benefits and opportunities to communities across Canada. The member airlines of the National Airlines Council of Canada directly employ 46,000 people in Canada. All in all, the aviation sector directly employs 141,000 people and supports a grand total of more than 400,000 jobs across many industries.

Our airlines serve as a major source of earnings, tax revenue, jobs and investment opportunities all across Canada, and are vital to the success of many other Canadian industries.



Unlocking a Community’s Potential

Our airlines link communities and families to one another and to the world.

But jetonomics goes far beyond these staggering job numbers. Airlines stimulate trade, travel and tourism. They link communities and families to one another and to the world. They unlock a community’s potential and make it easier for Canadian businesses to access new customers and new markets. These roles are especially important in Canada, due to the vastness of our country, our close family and personal ties to other countries and our reliance on international markets.



National Roundtable on Travel and Tourism

Our airlines stimulate travel and tourism

The NACC is a member of the National Roundtable on Travel and Tourism (NRTT), a partnership of Canadian travel and tourism organizations that is engaging with government to promote a new approach to tourism-related policy aimed at building a stronger, more competitive and world-class travel and tourism industry in Canada.


Advocating on behalf of Canada’s largest passenger airlines

The NACC seeks positive policy, regulatory and legislative changes to increase the aviation sector’s competitiveness.

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