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We advocate for safe, environmentally responsible and competitive air travel by promoting the development of sound public policy and engaging with government and industry stakeholders.



The NACC is an association intended for all air carriers facing similar regulatory and policy issues. All large passenger air carriers are eligible for NACC membership, provided that they hold certificates authorizing passenger seating capacity of 70 passengers or more and other licenses required in our by-laws.

The NACC is an association intended for all air carriers facing similar regulatory and policy issues. All passenger air carriers are eligible for NACC membership, provided that they hold the certifications and licenses required in our by-laws.

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$30 billion will be invested by NACC airlines on new aircraft featuring more fuel efficient engines and better aerodynamics from 2005-2020


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of senior executives from each member airline.

Mike McNaney, Chair

Vice-President, Industry, Corporate and Airport Affairs, WestJet

Jean-François Lemay

General Manager, Air Transat

Gregg Saretsky

President and CEO, WestJet

Mario Lafrance

Senior Director, Quality Assurance and Technical Operations

Calin Rovinescu

President and CEO, Air Canada

Colin Copp

President, Jazz Aviation LP

Kevin Howlett

Senior Vice-President, Regional Markets, Air Canada

Franco Giampa

Vice-President, Airports and System Operations Confrol, Jazz Aviation LP


Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is composed of aviation industry experts from each member airline.

George Petsikas

Senior Director, Government and Industry Affairs, Air Transat

Fitti Lourenco

Director, Government Affairs - Federal Government and Ontario, Air Canada

Andy Gibbons

Director, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, WestJet

Debra Williams

Manager, Corporate Communications and Industry Affairs, Jazz Aviation LP


Our Team

Working with the Executive Committee, our team runs the day to day operations of the NACC.

Marc-André O'Rourke

Marc-André O'Rourke

Executive Director, National Airlines Council of Canada

Marc-André O’Rourke is Executive Director of the National Airlines Council of Canada.  He advocates for safe, secure, environmentally responsible and cost competitive air travel by engaging with government, industry stakeholders and the media.

Prior to joining the NACC in 2012, Marc-André was Assistant General Counsel, with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), the federal agency responsible for passenger and personnel screening.  Marc-André started his career as an associate lawyer with the full service law firm of Cox & Palmer, focusing on civil litigation, insurance and employment matters.

Marc-André holds a law degree from the Université de Moncton and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa.  He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Suzanne Acton-Gervais

Suzanne Acton-Gervais

Senior Manager, Operations

As Senior Manager, Operations, Suzanne supports NACC and its subcommittees with their operational and regulatory initiatives.  Suzanne brings with her a wealth of experience and a tremendous skill set.  She was most recently Manager, Cabin Safety at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) where she liaised with governments and industry stakeholders and drove the development of global standards.

Previously, Suzanne worked as Manager, Global Training at Airports Council International (ACI) and Transport Canada Civil Aviation Inspector.

Janet Meldrum

Janet Meldrum

Administrative Assistant

Janet Meldrum has been with the National Airlines Council of Canada since 2011. She has over 30 years experience in various administrative roles including with various federal departments such as Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medicine, Health Canada First Nations & Inuit Health Branch and Office of Nutrition Policy & Promotion.  Janet rounds out her week by teaching piano and Music for Young Children classes.


Our Subcommittees

Many of the NACC’s activities are undertaken by our subcommittees, representing the combined expertise of our member air carriers in the following fields:

Airport Operations

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Airport Operations Subcommittee

The Airport Operations Subcommittee promotes sustainable aviation safety and secure facilitation practices for airport operational and technical issues.

Mandate: To work with airports to optimize the operational efficiency of Canada’s airports in the following key areas:

  • Ground handling requirements
  • Deicing specifications
  • Irregular operations handling
  • Airport planning & construction projects

Chair: Stephen Platt, Director, Canadian Airports, WestJet

Cabin Safety

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Cabin Safety Subcommittee

The Cabin Safety Subcommittee promotes passenger and cabin crew safety, cabin crew training and safety equipment.

Mandate: To ensure a consistent and fair development and application of Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and other applicable standards by working in partnership with other aviation stakeholders.

Chair:  Vanessa Kavicki, Director, Cabin Safety and Training, Air Transat


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Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee supports the NACC by developing messaging and making recommendations on communications strategies.

Mandate: To provide guidance on communications strategy and tactics, so that NACC fulfills its objectives of being the voice of its members when engaging with government and other stakeholders.   

Chair: Peter Fitzpatrick, Manager, Media Relations, Central Region, Air Canada


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Environment Subcommittee

The Environment Subcommittee focuses on the many activities undertaken by the industry to reduce environmental impacts, as well as on the development and implementation of environmental laws and regulations governing airlines.

Mandate: Foster a policy and regulatory framework that delivers sustainable environmental benefits, and advance the environmental stewardship of member airlines.

Chair:  Teresa Ehman, Director, Environmental Affairs, Air Canada

Flight Operations

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Flight Operations Subcommittee

The Flight Operations Subcommittee works with the government and other stakeholders to promote effective regulations and practices with respect to airline operations.

Mandate: To bring forward the interests of airlines and to be effective in representing identified needs to the government in order for airlines to operate more efficiently and safely. This shall include all areas of responsibility of an Operations Manager and Chief Pilot of an airline.

Chair:   Michael Barfoot, General Manager Regulatory Compliance – Flight Operations, Air Canada

Maintenance and Engineering

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Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee

The Maintenance and Engineering Subcommittee provides an industry voice for all aviation maintenance and engineering activities.

Mandate: To work on behalf of all member airlines to ensure safe, secure and appropriate regulations and policies regarding aviation maintenance and engineering activities.

Chair:  Robert MacMillan, General Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Air Canada

Monetary Affairs and Infrastructure

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Monetary Affairs and Infrastructure Subcommittee

The Monetary Affairs and Infrastructure Subcommittee works to support and promote the ongoing viability of the commercial aviation industry through focus on taxation policies, fee structures, efficiency initiatives and prudent infrastructure investment.

Mandate: To pursue the goals of optimizing operational efficiency and financial integrity in the following key areas:

  • Airport and infrastructure development
  • Industry cost recovery methodologies and related tariffs
  • Government policies associated with industry finance, infrastructure, and governance
  • Aviation industry specific trends in monetary and infrastructure policies and practices.

Chair:  David Rankin, Manager, Airport Fees and Property Leases, Jazz Aviation LP


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Safety Subcommittee

Mandate: The mandate is to support the shared goal of maintaining the world-class safety standards of NACC member airlines.  This includes working in the following areas:

  • Continuous improvement under the evolving Safety Management System (SMS) framework
  • Representing NACC to Transport Canada, other regulatory agencies and industry bodies on safety issues
  • Sharing of safety information, threats, hazards, mitigations and best practices to support both domestic and International aviation safety goals
  • Monitoring of national and international developments in the area of aviation safety
  • Working in close partnership with other NACC subcommittees and providing strategic guidance on safety matters
  • Liaising with various national and international government and industry stakeholders to advance, develop and promote industry best practices

Chair:  Captain Robert (Bob) Palmer, Vice President Safety, Quality and Environment, Jazz Aviation LP

Security and Facilitation

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Security and Facilitation Subcommittee

The Security and Facilitation Subcommittee is concerned with aviation security policies and procedures. It engages with the relevant authorities on behalf of the members.

Mandate: To represent Canada’s major airlines on security and facilitation issues by developing clear, factual and consolidated positions on key issues.

Chair:  Laura Logan, Director, Security and Regulatory Compliance, Air Canada

Service and Accessibility

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Service and Accessibility Subcommittee

The Service and Accessibility Subcommittee acts as a voice for the industry on rulings, policies, regulations and consultations that determine standards of service and accessibility for airlines.

Mandate: To ensure that member concerns and views with respect to rulings, guidance material and regulations are clearly communicated to relevant government and non-government stakeholders.

Chair: Lorne Mackenzie, Director, Regulatory and Government Affairs, WestJet


Our Partners

The NACC engages with government and industry stakeholders to build a stronger, more competitive aviation sector. Here are our partners.

The aviation sector - a significant driver of the country's economy

With the help of more progressive and competitive policy support, the aviation industry can continue to drive Canada’s economy through job creation, trade and tourism.

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